The European Union (EU) currently consists of 28 member states with a population of more than half a billion potential customers.

Your current market may be reaching their limits with increased competition and the difficulty of coming up with new ways to sell to the same customer base.

This is an opportunity for your business to expand into all or specific countries in the EU with the potential to increase sales revenues and profits.

Why Europe

Some of the many reasons to expand into Europe are as follows:

  • A 500 million consumer market.
  • You need to think about the company’s future as your goal is to increase revenue and profits to create continuity and growth . Europe could be the answer!
  • New territory – Build on the tried and tested market success of the US or domestic market.
  • Business Growth – Increased Sales & Profits
  • Security – Your business will be less vulnerable to fluctuations or downturns in your domestic market with an international customer base.
  • Economies of Scale – Opportunities to purchase products and services more competitively.
  • International outlook –  gives you a competitive advantage and is a positive attribute in the eyes of your customers.
  • Executive and Senior Management  – creates a development path for senior management to continue their careers with the business

Online Purchases

Europeans are spending $310 billion  across all product categories and this is projected to reach $430 billion  by 2021.

Let’s work Together to establish
a European presence to Grow Your International Sales